Established in 2009 with a vision of being a full marketing and advertising services company. Our major goal is to serve the MENA region with extraordinary innovative marketing and advertising solutions. Being armed with a young, energized and innovative team, Creative keeps its promise to deliver the brilliant solution that serves your companies needs and beyond.

Our Mission

Creative’s mission is to deliver high-end innovative, original and quality ideas while staying sharp and young.

Our Vision

Creative seeks to become one of the first companies to inspire as many people possible, and develop as many success stories with its clients as attainable.

Our Services

We believe that graphic design is about more than just being pretty. It’s about purposeful use of pictures, illustrations, and layouts to sell ideas, products, and services.
Our design process focuses on creating

The visual presentation used in your communication is more than simply design; it is a reflection of your company. You want to make sure that your visual presentation speaks the same language as what’s being

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and pro

Our Team

Fakhri Haj Omar
General Manager
Title tileWhen you’ve got an army and determination all you need a Powerful leader (leadership)
Firas Hodali
Finance Manager
When Wall Street in New York City fell down all what they needed is someone who can combine between best price and high quality in parallel with time (Price, time, quality)
Aktham Awad
Senior Graphic Designer
Whatever, somehow Da-Venchi who went through the time machine via the multi-universe finding his great spot voilàà” he is here (Art, Branding).
Hanein Qawasmeh
Graphic Designer
We don’t know how it starts but yet… she comes in the end with that spark of salt that makes the design tasty and fresh (Art, Design).